Nail Your Hybrid Offering in 2023

Make 2023 the year you level up your hybrid offering. From ‘digital twins’ of iconic buildings to virtual experiences that don’t leave your brand behind, Sydney-based Orbits shares its insights.

Orbits is an Australian tech company that creates virtual venues that are beautiful yet frictionless. With its unparalleled visual customisation, Orbits has attracted clients such as ASUS, Microsoft, UN Women Australia, Metcash Food, Sothys, Bloomberg and Singtel. Read on for Orbits’ top ideas for nailing your hybrid strategy in 2023.

Save your brand from Zoom fatigue

Ensure your brand isn’t hidden behind a bland webinar interface. Having a virtual venue means you can hold onto your itinerary, audience or ambition, in online contexts.  A well-executed hybrid strategy can provide brand exposure and community building opportunities that will only strengthen the desire to attend in-person next time.

UN Women Australia’s Virtual Hub for International Women’s Day houses live streaming from 5 physical events across Australia, and hosts post-event replays.

Extend the value of your physical venue

Venue owners can leverage the beauty and character of their physical space online too. By building a ‘digital twin’ of their property, they can offer bespoke hybrid packages to individual clients many times, offering a stable, repeatable solution that champions your venue and brand all the way. Digital twins are also incredibly useful for tours or hybrid workspaces.

A full digital twin of Sothys HQ and gardens in Auriac, France, hosted product launches and workshops for associates from 120 countries.

Harness your content

For organisers, a digital twin of your event can allow you to reach a larger, global audience, extend your value proposition, and add revenue streams, such as, via replay tickets or community events in the space. Your online guests will appreciate the inclusive digital experience, while your physical guests will have virtual memorabilia to return to and share.

Metcash Virtual Food Expo

Leave no guest behind

Today’s event professional needs a post-pandemic failsafe. Virtual venues aren’t designed to replace physical events, but ensure value can continue to be delivered in the event of travel disruptions or illness. Orbits can power events with many moving parts and concurrent sessions. Give your guests a truly engaging experience with customisable booths, workshops, themed social spaces, stages, private tables, and more.


Nail your hybrid offering with a unique virtual venue that resonates. Visit to book a demo, or contact for more info.


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