Moët Hennessy and UPG’s new catering partnership

Moët Hennessy Private Events provides at home catering options.

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Moët Hennessy has launched ‘Moët Hennessy Private Events’, in partnership with Urban Events Venues and Catering, allowing hosts to share and enjoy the world of luxury Champagnes, wines and spirits in their own properties – from offices to boats to outdoor parties and intimate masterclasses.

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With the ever-increasing trend of entertaining at home, everyone will now be able to bring theatre and style to their next celebration to truly elevate life’s significant events. Designed for groups of 30 or more, each event may include a dedicated bar, mixologists and bartenders, staff, decoration and audio-visual entertainment, as well as personal chefs or drinks masterclasses.

Moët Hennessy Private Events, in partnership with Urban Events Venues and Catering, offers a number of experiences, such as the Moët and Chandon Champagne Bath, the Moët Ice White Party, Veuve Clicquot Rich Surf Lodge and Belvedere Vodka ‘Know Your Martini’ Masterclass.

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Urban Events Venues and Catering can manage every detail of an event, including fully-catered options that feature menus inspired by Saké, Ananas and The Cut.

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The four new event options are as follows:
Moët and Chandon So Bubbly Bath
For large party celebrations, Moët Hennessy Private Events offers the ultimate party accessory: the Moët and Chandon So Bubbly Bath. This includes gold magnums in the golden ice bath, complete with signature Moët and Chandon gold goblets, and staff to serve. The Moët So Bubbly Bath creates the perfect celebratory welcome to any event.

Moët Ice White Party
Moët and Chandon Ice Imperial is the first and only Champagne that can be enjoyed over ice. This experience comes with the Moët Ice Imperial Summer Trunk stocked with bottles of Moët Ice Imperial. An accompanying garnish kit allows guests to personalise their own Moët Ice Summer cocktails to savour from Ice Imperial White goblets and ice buckets. Catering, music and staffing is offered by Urban Events Venues and Catering.

Veuve Clicquot Rich Surf Lodge
For the ultimate playful drinking experience around a garden, pool or urban parkland, the Veuve Clicquot Rich Surf Lodge allows guests to express their individuality while enriching their cocktail knowledge. The experience includes introduction to the ‘Clicquologist’ online community, a mixologist, and bartenders to serve bespoke cocktails from a personalised Veuve Clicquot Mobile Bar. Entertainment and bespoke photographic moments are available to further enhance the celebration, which is best enjoyed with a food pairing offered by Urban Events Venues and Catering.

Belvedere Vodka ‘Know Your Martini’ Masterclass
This experience provides an exclusive Know Your Martini masterclass, led by a Belvedere ambassador, allowing guests to discover the possibilities of this cocktail. As well as their education into martini art, guests will leave with a magnum of Belvedere in order to create their own cocktail magic at home. Expertly matched canapés are also on offer to complement the drinks.

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