Stage One Set for Top Gear Live

The 2009/10 tour of Top Gear Live is underway with Stage One climbing on board to provide several key set elements.

The 2009/10 tour of Top Gear Live is underway with Stage One climbing on board to provide several key set elements.

The live spectacular delivers an action packed live version of the TV show, featuring the presenters and breath-taking car stunts performed by the record breaking Top Gear Live stunt driving team, as well as some of the best performance cars in the world.

“Following the immense success of the first international Top Gear Live tour in 2008, for which we provided integral set elements, we were delighted to be invited back by the production team to provide our set building skills for the brand new touring show,” said Stage One project manager, Ted Featonby.

Stage One has joined the Top Gear Live team this year building a variety of custom set elements.

Stage One were invited to join the team by the show’s production manager, Simon Aldridge, who asked them to provide various set elements including: a complicated spider frame that formed a backdrop to both the entire performance area and a spectacular loop the loop stunt; two six metre long acrylic sectional tunnels used for a car colour changing stunt; a steel crane unit used for a further ‘roof-off’ stunt; and several props.

The company also custom painted several cars using their in-house spray bake facilities.

The main element produced by Stage One was the flown spider frame. This consisted of nearly 90 individual steel framed panels, clad either with steel mesh, polycarbonate or solid aluminium sheets. Bolted together they formed a seven metre high, 25 metre long backdrop across the width of the arena.

A presenter and car tunnel entrance was created stage right and a raised opening stage left, through which cars emerged via a Stage One provided scissor lift to perform stunts on a special platform.

“Offering the full range of scenic services from under one roof means that all of our departments are used to working closely together to provide a fully integrated solution for our clients. This means we are able to provide a level of experience and quality, and as such reassurance, that is second to none,” said Featonby.

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