Five tech trends to keep your eye on

Five tech innovations you should embrace for your next event.


Engage your audience and make Q+A time more enjoyable with the world’s first soft throw-able microphone. This nifty little gadget makes for an awesome ice breaker at any conference or event and really lightens the mood, getting even the quietest of attendees to speak up during Q+A time. All of its electronic components are hidden away inside, surrounded by light foams and technical fabrics, ensuring that the device won’t be damaged when being thrown (or caught). If you’re worried about the sound quality – don’t. Catchbox was designed first and foremost to have crisp audio quality, with the frequency response of the mic especially optimized for speech. And the best part about Catchbox? The skins are fully customizable, meaning it can be flawlessly integrated with your brand or event theme.


Loopd by etouches

Sleek and sophisticated, etouches’ all-new Loopd badge is drumming up buzz in all the right ways. The wearable tech enables fast and easy contact exchange, content collection and registration for attendees while capturing attendee interactions and session attendance. The smart device weighs less than 4 grams and has Bluetooth LE connectivity and a two month battery life. Fully compatible with the Loopd app and Loopd engagement and analytics tools, the badge allows event managers to customize components and how they’re used based on individual budget and goals.

Mash Machine

It’s time to get the party started with Mash Machine, an all-new social experience that turns its players into DJs in seconds. The machine has an intuitive interface that responds to players placing and moving blocks onto its slick surface. Dubbed ‘the Lego of music’, Mash Machine has been used in some really creative ways: DJ battles; improvisation; live performances; and as permanent installations at museums. You can even record the speakers of your conference and replace the vocals with their voices and create a soundtrack around it!

It’s called Mash Machine! This is how to play It…. are you ready?

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Virtual reality head gear

Once thought of as a bit of a gimmick in the 80’s; you’d be hard pressed today to find anyone not taking this tech trend seriously. VR headsets such as Sony’s Oculus Rift have now gone mainstream, with many other tech giants such as Google investing in their own custom models. Virtual reality is set to change the events sphere as we know it over the coming years. There really are no limits with this emerging technology. In the not so distant future expect to see virtual reality venue showcases; VR product activations and virtual meetings.


See your event from another perspective by way of drone. Drones are increasingly becoming a more essential component of the events industry following the launch of Facebook Live. Savvy event managers have married the trend of live video marketing and drone photography by adopting it to both promote the event online and to engage their attendees. But if you think drone use is limited to just filming or photographing an event, you’d be wrong. It is predicted that in the future, we can also expect to see fly-through venue inspections and on-the-spot drone delivery on the exhibition floor.


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