Top five event tech trends

The conversation about whether to have technology at your event is over because it's already there in everyone's hands in the form of phones, tablets and laptops.

The conversation about whether to have technology at your event is over because it’s already there in everyone’s hands in the form of phones, tablets and laptops. 
The real question is how to get involved in the conversation that’s already taking place. Here are five ways you can capitalise on the social media assets of your attendees:
  • EventstagramThis digital platform will automatically collate all the hashtagged Instagram posts from your event into a feed that you can display at the event. There are levels of membership, from free right through to fully customised and branded. 
  • NiceMeeting – This is a nifty new tech product that allows delegates to follow presentations in real time on their device. As the presenters flick through slides or videos, delegates can either watch on screen on watch up close with their own screen. Great for the short sighted!
  • Photo booths and video booths with social sharing – Photo and video booths have been around for a while but the difficulty has been in feeding that content through to the relevant channels in a timely fashion. That’s where the new breed of photo booths come in; they email and facebook content directly to delegates in a way that makes it easier to share that content on other channels (ie twitter, youtube, etc). 
  • Join In mobile – Join In have launched two new products for planners: Join In Live and Join In Sigh. Join In Live features intelligent instant polling, multi-mode attendee messaging, content management and note-taking that caters to both large ‘produced’ events as well as smaller, everyday meetings. Join In Sight is all about gathering feedback. This tool doesn’t need internet to work so it can be used anywhere, anytime.. Join In Sight features GPS location and validation, multimedia capture, content dissemination, barcode scanning and advanced tracking both at your event and beyond.
  • Charging stations – This is not so much a tech product as an enabler. Ensure your delegates have fully charged devices by providing charging stations that cater to a range of products and makes. Circumventing ‘dead phone’ frustration and making sure your guests can help you promote, track and editorialise about your event. 

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