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Hot venue: Bondy’s

Alan Bond

Daimon Downey, Tim Holmes a Court and Kate McMahon will open their new venture, Bondy’s, tomorrow night.

According to the team, who recently launched The Lemon Tree, ‘the future is bleak, look to the past’. Named after disgraced Australian businessman Alan Bond, the new CBD venue is a tribute to 80s excess and will feature flare bartenders, velvet booths and exclusive gold elevator access.

Australian artist Ken Done has offered five of his artworks to grace the walls of the new bar and the drinks list will include 1980s Penfolds Grange, angular martini glasses, unlimited Cristal and a $20,000 cocktail, garnished with a pearl necklace.

Bondy’s will be the only venue in Australia to serve Foster’s beer on tap and will also offer a bespoke brew from Carlton and United Breweries dubbed Bondy’s Lager. The menu includes stylish classic such as Devils On Horseback (dates, stuffed with almonds, wrapped in bacon), chilled King Prawn cocktails with Thousand Island dressing, cocktail frankfurters with French mustard and  Viennetta fingers.

Bondy’s is located at Level 1, 16 Philip Lane, Sydney NSW.


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