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An Experiential Culinary Concept by Peter Rowland Catering


When looking at evolution in the catering industry, it is important to find ways of becoming cutting edge and to set a benchmark for forward-thinking and creative excellence in experiential culinary concepts. Peter Rowland Catering (PRC) have recently collaborated with high profile chef and restaurateur, Shane Delia, to create a new arm of the company – ROWLAND by Shane Delia. Delia is known for his expertise in creating fresh and modern Middle Eastern cuisine out of his Melbourne restaurant, Maha.


PRC will be offering ROWLAND by Shane Delia menus (dinner, cocktail and shared), and packages for corporate, private and major events. Delia explains “to me, a meal is more than something you eat. It’s an experience. The menu is designed for quality and excellence, both in terms of produce and the experience for your guests.” With innovative dishes, combined with a unique spin on some of the ‘Peter Rowland Classics’, these packages will help to make a statement to guests at your next event.

Delia makes special mention of a shared dining experience where you will see ample portions of intriguing and innovative flavour combinations served with toasted flatbread on the side. Whether you’re hosting a boardroom lunch or having guests for lunch, the less formal style of shared menu will fuel conversation and new connections – simply a great way to bring people together.

ROWLAND by Shane Delia
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