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David Grant retires DG3 to go solo

Industry veteran, David Grant has announced he will be closing event organisation DG3 as of March 30, 2012 and re-inventing himself yet again as a sole operator to continue working on a smaller portfolio of events.

“DG3 will continue to operate to fulfil its current commitments until March 30 2012,” said Grant in a statement today. “So I can be contacted here until that time, after which “David Grant” will be (and already is) in full swing.”

Grant started David Grant Special Events in 1987 and 25 years later “with the curse of an endless imagination, a calculated fearlessness and an unending desire to better the last event, I’ve managed to keep myself at the forefront of the notoriously fickle events business over all that time – it’s always hard, but always inspirational and rewarding.”

David Grant has announced he will retire DGS on Moarch 30 this year and continue to produce events solo.

He has produced 10 summer and winter Olympic Games and an uncountable number of events which are regarded as some of the most creative within the events industry.

“With my current partners at DG3 deciding to devote more time to their growing families, it’s the perfect stage in my career, and my life, to re-invent myself, yet again, and use this opportunity to shed the grinding responsibility of a large office and just pick and choose exactly what sort of events I want to do, and whom I want to do them with ! . . . on an even more boutique and niche scale.”

Grant said he will continue to collaborate with colleagues and staff that he’s worked with iver the years and promise the front house expericne to be the sames experience that’s come to be expected of his work.