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One-on-One Stunt Driver Training At Top Gear Live

As ‘The Stig’ reveals his world-first driving stunt to Australian audiences at Top Gear Live this February, patrons will have a chance to try their hand with the Top Gear Live Bridgestone Stunt Driver Experience.

Australia’s most famous precision driving team, the Toyota V6 HiLux Heroes will give lucky Top Gear Live fans a rare chance to jump in the driver’s seat for some one-on-one stunt training, including ramp-to-ramp jumps and 360 degree spins.

Lucky Top Gear Live fans will get a rare opportunity to experience a one-on-one stunt driving experience.

There will also be the opportunity to take an adrenalin-pumping passenger ride on two wheels.

The Bridgestone Stunt Driver Experience will be one of the major attraction at this year’s Top Gear Live Festival, an added feature of this year’s much-anticipated Top Gear Live arena show, hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and a local presenter yet-to-be announced.

Top Gear Live arrives in Australia next month with an entourage of almost 100 cars and 150 sets of tyres. It will all be transported halfway across the world in one 747 cargo plane, three ships and 135 trucks ready for eight amazing shows in four days.

The all-new spectacular show features more cars, more stunts, more fire, and possibly more wit than ever before.
Top Gear Live’s own precision drivers, led by world record-breaking Terry Grant and Paul Swift, will wow audiences with mind bending driving stunts on stage and a motoring special effects never seen before.

And, as previously mentioned, The Stig will perform some world-first stunt driving action in the form of an indoor loop the loop trick in a specially modified dune buggy.

Top Gear Live hits Sydney this February 11-14. Tickets start from $69 and include entry to the live show and accompanying Festival. For more information click here.

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