Top 6 spring racing trends

Spice caught up with Alana Bolt from Staging Connections to find out what’s trending this season.

ATP’s Gatsby extravaganza

850 guests descended on the Exhibition Hall at Australian Technology Park Conference and Event Centre (ATPCC) for a 1920s themed soiree.

Staging Connections launches Safety App

Staging Connections has launched StageSafe, a custom built innovative smartphone App allowing businesses to manage and execute events with an even greater focus on safety.

Staging Connections launches Smartphone App for events

IStageEvent is the latest offering from Staging Connections, a new Smrtphone App that can be used by conference organisers, exhibitors and event attendees to enhance their experience before, during and after the event.

Staging Connections launches CEOwebcast

With the introduction of Staging Connections’ custom built webcasting platform, CEOwebcast, technology is providing the missing link for effective internal communications.


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