Catering to dietary requirements with Eat Fit Food

Clementina Elphinstone from Eat Fit Food gives us the skinny on catering for dietary requirements this summer.

Clementina Elphinstone from Eat Fit Catering gives us the skinny on catering for dietaries this summer.

Raw cacao is a popular ingredient on healthy menus

What are the most common dietaries you’re seeing as a caterer? Many of our clients have gluten and/or dairy intolerances so those are by far the most common dietary requirement that we cater for.

What are the negatives of serving the traditional white sandwich menu? Much of the success of our recent corporate catering boxes are the fact that we provide a healthy and fresh option that is not overly carbohydrate heavy. In this way, you don’t have the 4pm sugar slump as a result from lunch. Instead, you feel energised and easily get through the afternoon with vitality.

Have your healthier menus met with any resistance? If so, why? So far so good and we have had great feedback. People are enjoying the variety of meals we offer, as well as the freshness of the food.

What are the key ingredients you are focusing on and why? We have a very varied menu so that certain likes and requirements can be catered for. There are no specific ingredients that we focus on with the corporate boxes; we believe in having a balanced variety of fresh and high quality foodstuffs.

What are some of the highlights of your new summer catering menu? A favourite in the corporate catering boxes is the slow-cooked braised lamb salad with pearl barley and pomegranate seeds and a mint yoghurt dressing.

We are also offering raw desserts such as a mousse made from avocado and raw cacao served with mixed berries.

Do you plan to expand to other cities/states? We opened up a kitchen in Melbourne two years ago and have plans to expand to the Gold Coast in 2014 and perhaps Perth after that.

What are the three things every planner should include on their conferencing menu?

  1. Fresh fruit juices are a must to give you that vitamin boost to get you through the afternoon.

  2. Fresh meals that are not full of artificial additives or preservatives, giving the body the right nutrition to work at its best.

  3. Something naturally sweet to satisfy that sweet spot whilst avoiding artificial and processed sugars. 

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