The top cities to live in for work-life balance

Looking for work-life balance? It might be time to relocate the office to one of these cities. 

Sydney has been ranked 15th in the world for its work-life balance among citizens, according to a new study.

The study, released by technology company Kisi, examines 40 cities around the world on their success in promoting work-life balance among residents.

Factors including work intensity, institutional support, legislation and livability were all taken into account.

Helsinki, Finland was found to have the best work-life balance, followed by Munich, Germany and Oslo, Norway.

In fourth was Hamburg, Germany, followed by Stockholm, Sweden; Berlin, Germany; Zurich, Switzerland; Barcelona, Spain; Paris, France and Vancouver, Canada in tenth place.

On average, employees in Barcelona (30.5 days) and Paris (30 days) take advantage of the most amount of holiday leave offered per year, whereas residents in San Francisco (9.7 days), San Diego (9.7 days), Washington D.C. (9.4 days), and Los Angeles (9.1 days) take the least.

Sydney’s Bondi Icebergs pool

Sydney residents among the least stressed

Sydney employees take an average 13.9 days of leave per year and work an average 39.8 hours each week, the study found.

It also revealed Sydney residents spend an average 41.6 minutes (one-way) on their commute each day, which was among the highest of all cities in the study.

Despite the long daily commute, the study found Sydneysiders are the second least stressed population, followed by Munich.

Kisi CEO Bernhard Mehl said the study proves the impact workplace intensity has on overall wellbeing.

“When you see these figures, it makes so much sense not just for individuals but also for the companies that employ them to ensure that their employees’ needs are met,” he said.

“The end result is not just a happier, healthier workforce — but in the long-term a more economically viable one.”

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