5 easy tips to improve your resume right now

The Monday Group share their top tips for getting your resume match fit during this off-season.

Applying for a new job is a stressful and time-consuming process at the best of times.

Add in a crowded job market and limited-to-no job openings (thanks very much Coronavirus) and it takes things to a new level.

You are competing with many other passionate and experienced hospitality and event professionals – so how do you make your resume stand out from the rest and get on the shortlist for an interview?

The Monday Group has called on its 15 years’ experience in the recruitment game, specialising in the events and hospitality industries, to give you their top five tips to get your resume match fit during this off-season.


Keep it simple. While it’s tempting to jazz up your resume and show off your design skills, using advanced graphics, charts, and table columns, it can often be a major disadvantage for your application.

Not only does it make your CV hard to read, automated recruitment systems and resume parsing will not be able to process it accurately. A resume that is too difficult to read has a high chance of slipping through the cracks. Microsoft Word saved as PDF remains your safest bet.


Keep it short, no more than two to three pages. While you may have loads of experience and lots you want to convey, the person on the other end does not have time to settle back on the couch with a cuppa and read your life history.

The past 10 years of work experience is plenty – give more airtime to your most recent roles that are relevant to the job you are going for.


Please, please don’t simply rehash your generic job description, go into detail about what makes your experience unique – think about key clients you have worked with, key projects you managed or were part of, promotions or awards you obtained, and if you managed a team.

Try and reference keywords from the job advertisement you are responding to.


Including numbers in your resume improves the overall readability of the document. Prospective employers are very interested to know the size of the events you worked on – how many attendees, how many team members you managed, what budgets you worked with and revenue targets you achieved.


It seems like one of the more obvious resume tips, but it’s still a trap some people fall into when they want to appear more experienced than they are.

If you fudge your previous titles or responsibilities a recruiter or hiring manager will almost always find out through a reference check, or in-depth screening questions. Lying is a quick way to be ruled out of the running for your dream job.

6.  SOCIAL MEDIA (we’ve thrown this one in as a bonus)

Checking over your social media accounts is something that not all job applicants will think to do, but remember that 94 per cent of recruiters use social media in their recruitment efforts. If you have LinkedIn, check that it reflects the roles and timeline on your resume.

Make sure you have an appropriate and professional headshot (no sunglasses – ever.). Do you have Facebook or Instagram? Make sure you delete any embarrassing photos or adjust your privacy settings.

Need more tips for writing your best resume? It could be the best investment you make in securing your dream job! The Monday Group is offering a special discount on professional resume and LinkedIn profile writing services for candidates affected by COVID-19. Find out more here.

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