10 ways to improve your marketing right now

Zadro Agency shares the marketing tasks you should be ticking off your list.

Looking for ways to make use of your extra time? Now is the perfect opportunity to improve your company’s marketing material and social media.

Here, Zadro Agency share their top 10 marketing tasks you can tick off your to-do list right now:

1. Spring clean your social media. Ensure your company and key staff LinkedIn accounts have relevant information and ask people for recommendations. Ensure your company Facebook account is up to date. Check your About Us and Rules of Engagement on your accounts.

2. Update your website. Is the content up to date, do you have new images to add, is your team page looking dated? If you’re not up to speed on how to, perhaps it’s time to learn a new skill!

3. Write blogs and content. You may not publish them yet, however, now is a great time to build up a solid library for when things get busy again.

4. Refresh all your marketing materials. Update brochures, leave-behinds, info sheets and pitch documents in readiness.

5. Review, update and consolidate your templates. Now is the time to reset your templates, ensuring everyone will be using the same and most up to date versions.

6. Communicate. Continue to communicate with your customers and clients. Especially now, using your regular channels.

7. Connect and collaborate. Get in touch with your industry media and look for opportunities to collaborate – some are looking to support businesses doing it tough.

8. Call and check-in. Not strictly marketing, however, think about giving your current clients a call to check in and continue to build your relationships.

9. Upskill. There are plenty of online courses and webinars to learn new marketing skills and how to use various marketing tools.

10. Advocate. Connect with your associations and be part of the discussions, potential solutions and the future!

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