Five event tech innovations to watch

You can expect these five technologies to move from experimental to a core part of experiences in the years ahead.

At the very cutting edge of events experiences sit these five technologies, and while you might not see too much of them just yet, you can expect them to move from experimental to a core part of experiences in the years ahead.

1. Virtual reality

The ability to put on a pair of goggles and become immersed in a completely different world will allow us to move beyond the venue and take attendees into the past, future, and anywhere on earth or even in space.

2. Personalisation

Through the use of the cloud, and technologies such as way finding and IoT sensors, it’s going to be possible for an event to guide every attendee to what they want to see and experience, on their own terms.

3. Digital swag bags

Everyone likes free stuff, but swag bags are a sustainability issue. Technology will come to the rescue with digital “bags” of goodies that are just as good as the physical equivalent.

4. Crowdsourcing of content

So much incredible content happens via social media posts and reactions at events. Event venues are going to start to find much more sophisticated ways of capturing and using this data in real time.

5. The Metaverse

Currently events are being live-streamed to those that cannot attend in person. Soon, that will be replaced with a duplicate, digital creation in the Metaverse, allowing attendees to participate as though they are there.

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