Introducing Australia’s first storytelling hotel, MACq 01

Hobart's newest hotel, MACq 01 has opened its doors as Australia's first storytelling hotel.

Hobart’s newest hotel, MACq 01 has opened its doors as Australia’s first storytelling hotel, sharing the tales of Tasmanian characters, past and present.

The latest development from Federal Group – Tourism (Saffire Freycinet, The Henry Jones Art Hotel) is located in the heart of the historic Hobart waterfront and offers relaxed luxury accommodation with the elements of a unique and captivating storytelling experience.

Each of the hotel’s 114 rooms represent distinct characters of the Tasmania spirit and remarkable Tasmanians who have influenced the state – from the fighting believers and the hearty and resilient, to the colourful and quirky, curious and creative and grounded yet exceptional.

To delve deeper into the tale, MACq 01 Hotel’s Master Storyteller and team of full-time storytellers take guests on an engaging journey at every touchpoint through the hotel, connecting them with various design elements and incredible display of historical artefacts that punctuate the hallways and common areas. The MACq 01 storytellers also take guests on a journey throughout Hobart’s waterfront, discovering the dark secrets and triumphant tales of Sullivan’s Cove, Salamanca Place and beyond.

The ground floor of MACq 01 is home to The Story Bar, Old Wharf Restaurant and an atmospheric Lounge. The Story Bar is inspired by the egalitarian nature of Tasmanian society where class divisions are less obvious and offers a drinks list ranging from local draught beer to the very best of wine and spirits. Old Wharf Restaurant draws inspiration from the island’s early industries of farming, fishing and boat building with an open kitchen serving local seafood and seasonal produce. The Lounge showcases extraordinary indigenous artifacts celebrating the rich story of Tasmania’s first people.

MACq 01 is located at 18 Hunter Street, Hobart with gorgeous views of River Derwent.


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  1. As a professional corporate storyteller I think this is a great initiative and hope that the story of Henry Jones, one of Australia’s great early businessmen is on the list of stories that are shared.

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