AV1 and MCA Australia elevating audio-visual at Events Uncovered  

AV1 will showcase its latest audio-visual excellence at Events Uncovered presented by Spice at MCA Australia in July 2024.

As part of AV1’s partnership with Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, the progressive audio-visual company has invested in highly considered state-of-the-art equipment for the venue’s level-six event spaces: Harbourside Room and Quayside Room.

Recent upgrades to the home of Events Uncovered presented by Spice include:

  • The installation of Panasonic 20k lumen laser projectors (the world’s smallest and lightest 20k lumen 3-chip projectors).
  • Replacement of 16:10 screens with 16:9 screens.
  • Ceiling-mounted L’Acoustic X8 speakers, which provide even coverage and crystal-clear audio. The ceiling-mounted design clears floor space and gives a premium feel.
  • New LED strip lighting, which allows organisers to customise the room’s look and feel with colour washes and movement.

This investment in technology is a commitment of excellence from AV1 and MCA Australia to provide market-leading solutions and phenomenal value for organisers in one of Sydney’s most iconic locations.

Through the installation process, AV1’s managing director, Nigel Mintern, and MCA Australia’s head of venues and events, Kirsty Esson, collaborated to create venue spaces that elevate the experience for clients and guests, while providing in-house flexibility for conferences, weddings, cocktail events and product launches.

Laser versus bulb projectors

Laser projectors use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to project images rather than their predecessors, bulb projectors, which use light bulbs.

LEDs are smaller, brighter, provide a sharper image, require no heating up, and use less electricity compared to bulbs. LED lights run at a low temperature, meaning a laser projector requires less cooling inside the unit.

Laser projectors provide higher contrast compared to lamp projectors. The colour black, displayed by a laser projector, gives a much darker look. This is because lamp projectors illuminate a canvas entirely, whereas LED projectors do not illuminate black areas. With bulb projectors, black areas are always illuminated, giving a slightly washed-out effect.

The installed Panasonic Laser projectors carry a long shelf life of 20,000+ hours, meaning they can run for eight hours a day for 12.5 years without maintenance.

Laser projectors were chosen for the MCA Australia spaces due to their superior performance, energy efficiency and long life, reducing overall environmental impact of the equipment while giving a superior result.

The new equipment upgrades allow for:

  • Ultra-HD energy efficient projection on two drop-down screens in each space.
  • Ultra-HD projection directly onto the venue’s walls.
  • Block, dual and multicoloured wall lighting washes that create a visibly stunning effect.
  • Crystal clear audio delivery for all types of events installed and readily available.

Events Uncovered presented by Spice returns for its ninth year on 23 July, 2024, at MCA Australia.

To purchase tickets and for more information, visit eventsuncovered.com.au.


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