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Samantha Cahn on why she chose the creative events industry over law

Samantha Cahn, winner of the inaugural David Grant Creativity Project, completed an arts/law degree but then chose not to go down the traditional legal path. Here she shares what she loves most about the events industry and why her decision to pursue creativity was reaffirmed by a trip to C2 Montreal.

Deciding not to pursue a career in law was a difficult decision – I’d spent five and half years studying and had always thought I would end up in the legal profession. As my graduation approached I thought more and more about what would consume my working days, and realised that I didn’t want it to be suits and legal documents.

The events industry is fast paced, demanding and deadline driven. I love working closely with a team to deliver an experience that meets the client’s expectations. This includes a team of producers, strategists, creative directors, designers and account managers.

The variety of expertise on any one project means I am constantly exposed to different ideas and ways of thinking, which in turn inspires the way that I approach my work. I also love having the opportunity to work closely with different clients and learn about their business, their pain points and their successes.

Being new to the industry, I was really excited to learn of the David Grant Creativity Project, and the opportunity to win $10,000 towards an experience of my choice. The fellowship required entrants to pitch a professional development opportunity, which was applicable to their career progression. As the inaugural winner I put the prize money towards a trip to C2 Montreal and I was not disappointed.

C2 opened my eyes to the impact of a truly sensory experience. Around every corner there was something new to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Entering the grounds of C2 was such a transformative experience – one where I felt inspired by the physical environment alone. I was forced to think big, exposed to new technologies and ways of understanding and empathising with an audience to successfully problem solve.

There were so many outstanding workshops, masterclasses and speakers, including Snoop Dog, who shared his secrets to success and Sebastien Bazin, CEO of AccorHotels, who challenged us to really think about how we deliver to our customer because, ‘transformation will never, never end’. Through both creativity (the way the environment was designed) and technology (the fancy Klik lanyard we were given), C2 also provided so many unique opportunities for people to connect – allowing relationships and memories to live on beyond the end of the event.

I was so lucky to meet people from all around the world and learn from thought leaders and innovators from around the world. But most valuably, my trip to C2 Montreal was the ultimate inspiration for my work in the events industry.


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