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Hot venue: Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan Mongkok

The Mongkok Tim Ho Wan outlet

The world’s most famous dim sum is heading to Australia, with Tim Ho Wan opening its first outlet outside of Asia in Sydney’s Chatswood in February 2015.

The second outlet will open in the inner-west suburb of Burwood in March and a flagship store in Sydney’s CBD will open in late 2015. A Melbourne outlet is also slated for Chinatown.

Tim Ho Wan was founded by the former Four Seasons Hong Kong dim sum chef and each of its three Hong Kong outlets holds a Michelin star.

Director of Australian operations Vince Howe said, “Australians understand good food. Their tastebuds are attuned to Asian food and the ritual of enjoying dim sum is part of the culture here, which is why we chose Australia to launch rather than Europe or the U.S.A.

“The first foreign review of Tim Ho Wan even came from Australia,” said Howe.

Tim Ho Wan already has outlets in Singapore, Taipei, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur and Manila.

Tim Ho Wan’s most famous dish is his baked pork buns that make up one quarter of the ‘Heavenly Kings’ that include the steamed egg cake, vermicelli roll with pig’s liver and pan-fried carrot cake.

There will be one private dining room at both the Chatswood and Burwood outlets and the seating capacity will be between 10-12 people.

Customers will be required to call the restaurant in advance to make a booking and the minimum spend per booking is $300.

The George Street Sydney outlet will have two levels, with the first floor operating as normal (first come, first served) and the second level, featuring 8-10 rooms with 10-12 seats per room, will be open for reservation. In addition to the regular Tim Ho Wan menu, there will also be a special menu available for this level.

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