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Top chef to host cooking sessions at ABEE

SilverNeedle Hospitality’s executive chef, Peter Washbourne, will be showcasing his masterful cooking skills at the Australian Business Events Expo conference this month.


The Chiefly Wollongong chef will be hosting both a live session and cooking class during the two-day event, which takes place from August 14 to 15 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.


He plans to take on the Masterchefstyled Taste Kitchen for a live session during the first day of the event, and teaching a cookery class at the Interactive Kitchen at the Sydney Events Showcase, located next door to ABEE, during day two. 


Washbourne will be showcasing his skills in the kitchen by demonstrating how Australian grown truffles can be used to create exotic and unique dishes. He’ll share his knowledge on the origins of the truffle and enlighten taste buds by rustling up mouthwateringly good sweet and savory dishes, including a Saffron Pasta with Winter Truffles and a Tarago Valley Triple Cream Brie and Truffle Honey.

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