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VictorsFood adds a twist to Interactive Catering

VictorsFood has added a new twist to the event catering menu, letting guests get involved as much or as little as they like in hands-on preparation, creation and even sharing of their event canapés or courses.

With guests growing bored of the usual catering formats and menus, and event managers battling with ever tighter budgets, VictorsFood combines catering and entertainment to drive enjoyment and engage the guests, affordably.

VictorsFood adding an interactive twist to event catering.

“We’re giving event organisers an opportunity to turn their ‘catering requirement’ into part of the entertainment and get more from their budget”, said Victor Pisapia, executive chef and founder of VictorsFood.

“People love getting involved instead of passively standing around and being fed or talked at. Plus, it encourages interaction between guests, mixing things up, breaking down barriers and getting them connecting.”

Pisapia says the difference from what most caterers offer as interactive catering is that VictorsFood’s Chef Presenters encourage the guests to actively participate in the creation of a dish, rather than just watching a demonstration. The interactions are 10-15 minutes, allowing constant change in the action, enabling everyone to have a go if they like, and giving opportunities to ‘pop in and out’, so leaving plenty of time to talk with a new contact or enjoy the rest of the entertainment.

“Plus, our Chef Presenters aren’t just great chefs, but talented presenters who engage, excite and entertain the audience. It’s a rare combination, and part of what sets our events apart.” Pisapia adds.

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