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Staging Connections launches Smartphone App for events

IStageEvent is the latest offering from event services organisation, Staging Connections. Bringing information to your fingertips; IStageEvent can be used by conference organisers, exhibitors and event attendees to enhance their experience before, during and after the event.

The Smartphone App is one the most functionally advanced in the Australian market and has been developed to provide event organisers and exhibitors with an opportunity to engage their potential audience at every touch point and receive real data about their delegates’ behaviour at events.

Smartphone Apps for all purposes are in abundance and are now entering into the working life of many individuals. “Developing this type of technology to assist our clients’ and their customers with managing or attending an event was an important new addition to our existing event services,” said Tony Chamberlain, managing director, Staging Connections.

“We aim to always offer innovative event solutions to our customers from intelligent lighting, styling and design and now by delving further into digital event services, we’ve got a suite of services to bring back at least one element of simplicity to organising events.” he added.

IStageEvent is designed to start a conversation between event organisers, attendees and exhibitors well before the actual event date – it is just another way to add value to the attendees’ event experience and extend the life of the event.

Tim Chapman, general manager, Digital Event Services said “IStageEvent was built to complement or replace the normal paper event guides, by housing a calendar of events, speaker bios and schedules, maps of the event space and surrounding areas along with regular updates and reminders of upcoming sessions, it makes planning time at events easier for attendees.”

“The App allows organisers to engage attendees before, during and after the event and is a useful connection tool for attendees, with the ability to communicate with fellow delegates during the event,” Chapman added. 

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