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Hutchinson Builders celebrates centenary with Funk

One hundred years in business is something to celebrate. And when Hutchinson Builders hit this milestone they enlisted the services of Funktionality Events & Experiences to deliver a celebration worthy of this remarkable achievement.

Whilst predominantly a Queensland company, the event too place in New South Wales.

The event, produced by Funktionality Events & Experiences, celebrated Hutchinson Builders 100th anniversary.  

Event manager Scott Bellingham said that they wanted show off the very best attributes of the state, so The Overseas Passenger Terminal was chosen as the showcasing venue and the first night of the Vivid Festival of Light and Ideas.

“We wanted those clients and company members flying in from interstate to really be impressed with the event and the overall experience; venue choice can influence your event beyond nice views,” said Bellingham.

The event concept was devised to highlight the history of the company combining it with looking to the future. Working closely with the clients, a large scale gallery of iconic projects through the companies 100 year history was created down the western side of the venue.

Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal was the venue of choice for this event; chosen for its industrial feel and spectacular Sydney location.

The lofty, industrial feel of the OPT was accentuated using exposed truss for elements for the stage dressing and for custom-created cocktail benches and food stations. These stylistic features also emphasised the construction nature of the brand being celebrated.

“Blending these elements with modern glow furniture and glow bars suggested the link between the companies past and their future,“ said Bellingham.

A strong focus was placed on the guests’ experience and transition through the event, emulating their company’s own transition from past to future. Selection of entertainment was integral in guiding this experience. Vintage dressed paparazzi surrounding the corporate coloured, blue carpet entrance excited guests and helped them feel integral to the glamour of this special occasion.

Many commented on how impressive the personalised, illustrated media wall was too. Dave Hughes added some star power and related to guests with his down to earth comedy facilitating the event with a light hearted touch.

Laserman and his futuristic laser display brought the celebration into a new era and was a fitting entertainment feature to draw attention to Vivid’s creatively illuminated Sydney Harbour foreshore.

Music by The Enormous Horns and their continual costume changes engaged and uplifted the crowd whilst an attentive DJ consolidated the energetic, party atmosphere once the celebration migrated to the dance-floor.

Hutchinson Builders are also strong supporters of the AEIOU foundation, amongst the merriment of the evening, Funktionality created a LED Wishing tree, that physically represented different donation amounts and explained how this amount can assist the charity. Funds raised throughout the night totalled over $14,000! A greatly appreciated and much needed contribution to AEIOU’s endeavours.

“The night was deemed very successful on a number of levels,” said Bellingham, “With lots of different objectives to consider, my role was to bring all these elements together in a congruent way with consistent focus on the guest’s experience, the nature of the client and the overall purpose of the event. Events can have sophisticated goals and outcomes, but at the core of this event it was a celebration, so the enjoyment of the clients and staff that made the 100 years achievement possible was my paramount concern.”

Video of the event and interview with Scott Bellingham from Funktionality can be seen below.

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