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Staging Connections launches CEOwebcast

With the introduction of Staging Connections’ custom built webcasting platform, CEOwebcast, technology is providing the missing link for effective internal communications.

The Staging Connections’ team worked with Australian IT services company, Interactive, to design a technical solution that allowed them to hold their annual awards presentation and business goals announcement as a national assembly involving all staff at the one time.

Interactive, has a team of 300 employees spread throughout urban and rural Australia. With such a geographical spread, internal communications until this year was seen as an impossibility.

Staging Connections combined multiple site events with webcasting and videoconferencing technology allowing all employees to have direct, instant and clear contact with the CEO.

With Sydney acting as the host site, the CEO presented the year’s business goals supported with PowerPoint slides, and was streamed live via webcasting to engage employees based throughout Australia whilst also complemented by the use of video conferencing (audio and visual) to stream into two other events in Melbourne and Brisbane.

As Ian Kirkwood, Head of Production, VIC, Staging Connections explained “watching the CEO was incredible as he had unhindered access to all of his staff. The CEO even spotted an employee in the audience in Brisbane and picked on him! The event was highly successful in achieving the key objectives – to effectively engage with the audience.”

Featuring intuitive technology, Staging Connections set up each site so when the CEO pointed to her slides, all event sites were looking at the exact presentation and allowed rural based employees to have the benefit of flawless viewing across varied internet connection capabilities.

The opportunity to personally engage all employees via company branded events and a website interface along with a reduction in internal costs; the Interactive team were thrilled with the outcomes. 

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