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BridgeClimb Launches New Climb and Harbour Bridge Visitors Centre

BridgeClimb Sydney has launched its dramatic new Climb Base, which is home to the first-ever Sydney Harbour Bridge Visitor Centre, as well as a new climbing adventure called The Express Climb.

BridgeClimb’s chairman and founder,  Paul Cave, officially opened the new Climb Base by cutting a ribbon on Friday (October 2)  with the same historic sword that Captain Francis De Groot used to slash the ribbon at the opening ceremony of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1932.

BridgeClimb chairman and founder Paul Cave officially opening the
new Climb Base at a ribbon cutting ceremony

“It is an absolute pleasure to bring out this historic sword to officially open BridgeClimb’s new Climb Base,” said Cave.
“This is the first time since that infamous event in 1932 that the sword has appeared in public at the Sydney Harbour Bridge.”

Located next to BridgeClimb’s original operation, BridgeClimb’s new Climb Base boasts a one-of a-kind design, inside a grand heritage archway. The architecture incorporates smart, stylish features that create a theatrical experience for Climbers while still conserving energy and preserving the heritage of the space.

The new Climb Base will also be home to the first-ever Sydney Harbour Bridge Visitor Centre. Offering free entry and full disabled access, this will be the first fully accessible space situated in and dedicated to Australia’s icon. Visitors will be welcome to immerse themselves in interactive exhibits, display galleries and a 46 seat digital high definition cinema devoted to sharing the stories of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from preconstruction to the present day.

BridgeClimbers now have three differnt climbs to choose from

Climbers will now have the choice of three climb  adventures. The newest experience, The Express Climb, is the fastest Climb to the top of the Bridge. The Express Climb offers more of BridgeClimb’s team on hand to assist Climbers with a quicker Climb preparation. Climbers will now have the opportunity to discover the wonders of this amazing structure and the thrilling views of Sydney, in just over 2 hours.

The Express Climb will complement BridgeClimb’s two established 3.5 hour Climb experiences, The Discovery Climb and The Bridge Climb.

All three Climb experiences lead Climbers to the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, are available at Dawn, Day, Twilight and at Night, and will captivate Climbers from beginning to end.

“We are proud to be able to share this Bridge with the world. This is a magnificent city, with a magnificent harbour and there is nothing quite like standing at the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to experience it all,” said Cave.