Story Bridge Adventure Climb launches world’s first Abseil Climb

Story Bridge Adventure Climb launched the world's first Bridge Abseil Climb experience tried and tested by Queensland Tourism Ambassador and adventurer Ben Southall

Story Bridge Adventure Climb  has launched the world’s first Bridge Abseil Climb experience tried and tested by Queensland Tourism Ambassador and adventurer Ben Southall, who marked the occasion by zipping down the giant southern anchor pier in Kangaroo Point’s Captain Burke Park on Thursday, 3 November 2011.

Bridge Abseiling with Story Bridge Adventure Climb in Brisbane

Climbers have previously been able to climb 80 metres into the Brisbane city skyline before descending back to earth via a conventional stairwell but now the birth of Abseil Climb will take the adrenaline factor a notch higher where climbers will still reach the pinnacle of the iconic Brisbane landmark.

For the second half of their descent, they can now gather at the edge of the pier before abseiling down its face to the ground over 30 metres below.

Southall said his heart was pumping as he was lowered off the platform at the top of the pier, especially as he is a little afraid of heights.

“The sense of achievement and the adrenalin rush you get from the new Abseil Climb is phenomenal!” said Southall.

“This is Brisbane’s first new tourism experience in over four years and offers locals and visitors the chance to enjoy one of the worlds premier urban adventure experiences.”

Adventurer and Tourism Queensland Ambassador Ben Southall gives a heads up on his innaugral stint of Brisbane’s must-try city adventure experience

Story Bridge Climb CEO, Paul Lewin, said the Abseil Climb would up the ante when it came to city-based adventure and that it was another way for people get up close and personal with the city’s most iconic structure.

“There is a strong affinity with the Story Bridge, its one of the most accessible landmarks in Australia and internationally, allowing the pubic to walk, scale, climb and now abseil from its frame,” said Lewin.

“Our climbers are a very loyal bunch and love the experience and what it offers. But, for some time now, they’ve been asking ‘what’s next’?. We’ve now answered the question and the buzz around Abseil has been quite phenomenal.

“We also think the new adventure will appeal to a whole new generation of climbers.

“The Story Bridge offers some of the most spectacular views of this city and panoramic views across Brisbane.

The SBAC is open to anyone aged 10 years and over and at all levels of fitness, the experience sees groups of up to 12 climb the Story Bridge and abseil the structure in pairs.

Watch Ben’s heart-thumping Bridge Abseil Climb experience with Story Bridge Adventure Climb by clicking the video below.

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