5 reasons to book BridgeClimb

As we move into the full swing of 2017, many of you will be planning your next corporate event. We’ve gathered 5 reasons why a BridgeClimb may be the best option for you.

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1. There’s a karaoke machine at the summit

Talk about a team experience to kick off the 2017 work year! BridgeClimb Sydney has installed a karaoke machine at the summit of the Bridge for 6 weeks, until 6 March 2017.

2. BridgeClimb is a great add on to a strategy planning day

The new year sees organisations getting out of the office to set important strategies for the upcoming year. These planning sessions are most effective when coupled with an active experience to keep the mind open and the ideas flowing.  Talk to the BridgeClimb team about how they can work within your planning days.

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3. We really can WOW your key clients

Do you have important executives or clients visiting town and are looking for something to showcase the best of Sydney? A Bridge Climb would truly wow them. Check out BridgeClimb’s bestselling Climbs on the website below.

4. There’s canapés at the summit

Waterfront dining has been redefined with the launch of BridgeClimb’s Canapé Climb. Gourmet canapés atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a truly unique experience.

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5. We offer post Climb enhancements

Return from your Climb to a private space with gourmet canapés and beverages. Explore the options with BridgeClimb at the below details.

To find out more:

W: www.bridgeclimb.com
E: events@bridgeclimb.com
P: 02 8274 7775

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