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Coastal Stikas Release Eco-Friendly Australiana-Themed Souvenirs

Coastal Stikas has released Boogies — a new environmentally friendly souvenir range that includes a koala, whale, Australian map, penguins and other characters that come in a range of colours.
Coastal Stickers has launched a range of eco-friendly
souvenirs made from recyclable materials

As most souvenirs are made from plastic, PVC and petroleum-based products that usually end up in land fill, Boogies are designed so that after use, they can be recycled or composted.

“By producing a range of eco friendly souvenirs we want people to change direction in their purchasing habits and decision making,” said Coastal Stikas director, Kelly Miller. “We believe that we need speedier action towards the environment, it’s not like we have time to sit around and wait.”

Coastal Stikas products can be used as souvenir reminders for international delegates. They can be purchased through Melbourne Zoo, Perth Zoo, Museum Victoria, Phillip Island Nature Parks stores, information centres throughout Victoria and other good souvenir retailers.

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