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Sydney Aquatic Centre Hosts Gala Function

By Jill Innamorati-Varley

No senses were left untouched on Friday (November 14) when Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre hosted the 2008 Path of Champions gala dinner induction ceremony honouring Australian athlete’s contribution to sporting excellence.

Sydney Olympic Park’s Aquatic Centre was converted into
a massive event space for the Path of Champions gala dinner
(Picture courtesy of Hamilton Lund Photography)

As the athletes and guests arrived at the Aquatic Centre, they were greeted by a complete transformation of the pool area into the scene of a glittering gala dinner.  Pre drinks were served poolside next to a spectacular illuminated bar. 

MC Nicole Livingstone invited the guests to make their way to their seats where the atmosphere was set with crisp white linen, mirrored tabletops and remarkable lighting from 32 Hundred.   

Guests were entertained by the Australian Girls Choir with a rendition of the national anthem and the Australian Swim Team Song – Live It, Dream It

The event co-ordained by Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre Events Team, whose work included all the aspects of design, creation, production, entertainment and management. 

The induction ceremony honoured the achievements of 24 athletes incorporated the following events: 2005 World Championships, 2006 Commonwealth Games, 2007 World Championships, 2008 Australian Swimming Trials and the 2008 Olympic Games.

Swimmers inducted were Stephanie Rice, Eamon Sullivan, Kylie Palmer Bronte Barratt, Linda MacKenzie, Andrew Lauterstein, Brenton Rickard, Danni Miatke, Jade Edmistone, Shayne Reese, diver Matthew Mitcham and water polo players Gavin Woods and Peter Montgomery. 

The Path of Champions is a major attraction at the forecourt of the Aquatic Centre. At the last update following the 2004 Olympic Games, it consisted of 125 plaques. 

To visit the site contact the events supervisor at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre on 02 9752 3666.

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