Revolutionising luxury travel for the consumer

Redefining Luxury Travel Payments for Agents and Customers

Amid rising living costs, travel agents can now provide relief by making luxury travel more affordable. From short getaways to extravagant European vacations, clients can embrace stress-free holiday planning, by splitting the cost of their travel into upfront instalments enabled by PlanPay.

PlanPay enables agents to augment their existing sales process whether that is over the phone, face to face or online, ensuring travel advisors continue to embody the essence of personalised service they are renowned for. Collaborating with dedicated travel advisors, clients craft bespoke payment plans. This spreads the financial commitment over weeks or months within the prepaid plan, easing the burden and allowing agents to focus on sales and client relationships.

This solution not only makes luxury travel attainable but also relieves travel agents of administrative tasks related to payment chasing.

PlayTravel, an online travel and tours booking company, reports that 81% of their customers prefer PlanPay over pay-in-full or BNPL options.

PlayTravel saw a 10-month lead time and a 4.1 times higher average order value when customers used PlanPay compared to “Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) options. This shows that by integrating PlanPay, businesses can encourage customers to convert sooner and at higher order values by presenting prices in smaller, manageable instalments without resorting to discounts.

“Having Planpay has been great, because it allows us to give customers the experiences, they’ve always wanted, such as being able to upgrade to balcony or suites on cruise ships instead of an interior view, or enabling them to add all the extras such as luxury spa treatments, kid’s club, dining experiences etc. For a small addition to their regular payment plan, enhancing their adventure,” says Lauryn Wilson, senior travel advisor at PlayTravel.

PlanPay was purpose-built for the travel industry, offering additional benefits such as:

  • Seamless Integration: through our e-commerce widget or agent platform, our simple and customisable setup ensures you can implement the benefits of PlanPay quickly.
  • Enhanced Customer Retention: PlanPay allows merchants to offer financial freedom to their customer base, fostering loyalty and repeat business.
  • Efficient Cart Retargeting: Unlike conventional payment methods, PlanPay provides pricing incentives without the need for discounts.

Discover more at and redefine luxury travel today for your customers.


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