Managing a sustainable venue: 4 ways to make your next event eco-friendly

When it comes to venue sustainability, Executive General Manager, Client Experience & Commercial, Hannah von Bibra, is passionate about inspiring change in the events industry.

As an event organiser, it’s important to balance providing a comfortable experience for visitors with minimising the impact on the environment.

At Melbourne Showgrounds, event organisers have access to a range of eco-friendly facilities and services to help reduce environmental impact.

In 2017, Melbourne Royal won the City of Melbourne’s Melbourne Award for Environmental Sustainability, recognising the Showgrounds’ dedication to sustainability.
Here are some ways you can manage your venue for your next green event:

1. Reduced energy consumption
By installing motion sensors and automatic power-saving lighting in areas that are not typically in consistent use, such as bathrooms, venues can conserve energy as lighting is only used when necessary.
Installing energy-efficient cooling and heating systems, LED lights, skylights, and solar panels are also effective ways to reduce your venue’s energy consumption.

2. Waste management & recycling
Efficient waste management and recycling are essential to creating a sustainable venue.
Make a conscious effort to reduce food waste and reuse materials where possible. For instance, the Melbourne Royal Show introduced paperless ticketing, allowing patrons to enter the Showgrounds via digital ticket access.
Digital invitations are also a great way to cut down on waste and postage costs.

3. Water conservation methods
Conserving water is critical for creating a sustainable venue. Ensuring your venue practices water conservation all year round can help save a significant amount of water. Simple measures such as installing low-flow toilets and taps, as well as water-efficient landscaping, can help conserve your venue’s water.

4. Sustainable transport options
Encouraging patrons to use public transport and carpool options can help reduce energy consumption significantly.
For example, partnering with services and providing ticket incentives to encourage the use of public transport to events has resulted in 40 per cent of all Melbourne Royal Show patrons arriving by train or tram.

Reduce, reuse and recycle, and your venue will provide event organisers with the opportunity to create a greener and more sustainable event for their attendees.

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