Over 500 Sundweesh’s in 45 minutes

Sundweesh just turned 1 and have a celebratory offer on!

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Sundweesh prides itself on being a fast but fresh food service. Recently NRMA had their end of year morning tea and were looking for something different, they needed a solution to run seamlessly with their awards ceremony and appeal to all tastes.

Sundweesh is a mobile Middle Eastern food caterer and were able to easily pump out 520 of their delicious wraps in 45 minutes for the entire building, that’s almost 11 a minute!

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With their Halal, gluten free and vegetarian options, Sundweesh was able to put together a fresh and fast setup on the day. One employee who had been there for 20 years said “In all the years of catering, I’ve never had anything so delicious, in fact this is better than delicious!”

Sundweesh is all about the experience, creating a high energy atmosphere through their food, perfect for sales days, product launches and team functions. They have recently completed a number of events throughout 2014 with City of Sydney, Sydney Festival & Parramatta Council.

To celebrate their first birthday Sundweesh are offering 15% discounts on any bookings made by 23rd April when a 50% deposit is paid.

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Tel: 0413 444 199
Web: www.sundweesh.com.au
Email: eat@sundweesh.com.au

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