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Cheeky Food Group will be hitting AIME this year with new products just for the conference market, says managing director Leona Watson.

Cheeky Food Group will be hitting AIME this year with new products just for the conference market, says managing director Leona Watson.

Watson noticed a gap in conference activity offerings having spoken to several PCOs and event managers. “So we sat down as a company and looked at what was missing, and came up with lots of options for different budgets, agenda timings, plus themes. We also looked at how to make it as easy as possible for them to organise, with one less thing to worry about.”

Cheeky hosting 500 delegates at the Melbourne Convention Centre  

Cheeky’s new product ‘Cheeky Conference Connoisseur Cook-Ups’ ® offers a complete solution for their conference activities with value-adds and bonuses for themselves and their clients. “The key ‘must haves’ for conference organisers are focused around: Does it have a wow factor? Does it fit into my agenda and budget? Is it easy to organise? And will the key stakeholder thank me for it?” said Watson.

“With our packages, they include a meal with the activity so you automatically save on your budget, and they can be tailored to suit event the tightest of agendas. As for the WOW factor, we focus on making the delegates the celebrity chefs, so it absolutely delivers the wow for them. We also haven’t forgotten to thank our clients including the hotels, for their support by offering some great extras.”

Cheeky has been creating team cooking events for over 9 years, so they also had to think about groups that have cooked with them before. “So we create something different each time. Clients are looking for a twist on our existing events or we have new groups looking to take their event to the next level. These extras really deliver on the need for something new and unique.”

Upgrades can also be organised for the events with the most popular being the Master Cheeky Chef Challenge. There are also themes and additional extras such as Australiana, Spanish, Wine matching, World’s Class Ingredients, even Karaoke Cook-Ups!

Themed cooking events, like this Mexican Fiesta can be easily organised for groups

Cheeky has devised 3 packages (as a starting point) to choose from. Plus there are many other additions to help with the organising, inc teasers, creative themes and a finely-tuned process to work with the hotel operations team, so the organiser can get on with the other thousand details!

“Companies are wanting their conferences to deliver more than just fun and a thank you for their staff. Conferences are part of a strategic response and managers are expecting a higher delivery on their business objectives. We take that very seriously – our corporate business backgrounds demand it – as we always push to deliver more on the business focus for the year ahead, when creating our events and offerings,” said Watson.

For more information on the variety of options available click here. 


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