7 film releases you need to know about

Seven upcoming releases for event theming ideas.


Cinema’s influence is everywhere but especially in theming at events. Here are seven upcoming releases you need to know about.

1. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
Released September 2015
The second instalment of The Maze Runner trilogy, The Scorch Trials sees the Gladers escape from the maze into a desolate, post-apocalyptic landscape. Think Mad Max Fury Road meets Insurgent.

2. Steve Jobs
Released October 2015
Written by The West Wing and Newsroom writer Aaron Sorkin, Steve Jobs is a three-act biopic that goes behind the scenes at three of Apple’s biggest product launches.

3. Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
Released November 2015
Love it or hate it, the Hunger Games franchise is creatively rich from a visual perspective. From Katniss’ costumes to the Games that take place within the arena, this is Les Miserable on futuristic steroids.

4. Spectre 007
Released November 2015
Bond films are always good value from a theming point of view. There’s the evil babe in an idiosyncratic costume such as the ill-fated gold woman in Goldfinger, there’s the villain’s lair in a volcano/island/icy mountain bunker/underwater complex and there’s an international destination like Venice or Monaco that provides plenty of colour to the chase scenes.

5. Point Break
Released December 2015
While not an exact remake of the 1991 cult classic, Point Break draws heavily on the core premise of a young FBI agent infiltrating an extreme sporting peer group. Despite the cast lacking star power, this film may reignite 90s nostalgia for the people who loved the original.

6. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Released December 2015
Episode seven in the seemingly never ending Star Wars franchise brings back Harrison Ford as Hans Solo and Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, while throwing in some new faces in the form of Simon Pegg and Adam Driver. Cloaks and light sabres will be de rigeur during the hype phase of this film so add them to your ideas bank.

7. Sisters
Released January 2016
Two adult sisters, played by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, decide to throw one last house party before their parents sell their family home. While this film is rated R, there’s a good chance that any chick flick/comedy loving client is going to go nuts for this.




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  1. Nice angle Emma! Whitsundays are just waiting on the next instalment of the Pirates crew and Johnny Depp (sans dogs)…arghhh

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