6 tips for brand activations and events

Loco Group founder Felicity Young predicts the leading trends in brand activations and events.

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Loco Group founder Felicity Young predicts the leading trends in brand activations and events.

1. Big brands will step down from purely digital platforms to reward customers in creative and unexpected ways. To remain relevant and desirable more and more emphasis will need to be placed on creative, engaging marketing. This will also enable the brands to create content for their business that can be used online. I also see big brands collaborating with creative people like artists and musicians that have a fan base and can help market the brands in a more grass roots fashion.

2. The ‘street food’ trend will infiltrate five star hotels. Australians love street culture and are moving away from super formal dining. Forget the fancy chair covers, we want authentic culture and relaxed but fun dining.

3. The marketing of restaurants, bars and hotels will increasingly be done directly by the patrons. They will use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets to spread the word. It will be the role of the venue to make sure what they offer is sharable in a positive light.

4. I believe ‘neighbourhood’ centres will rise. People will spend more time in their local cafes and more events and festivals will be locally based. Clever venues will offer free WiFi for the mobile worker and facilitate local events. For this new type of ‘social club’, community is key.

5. I see the ‘old and new’ marketing trend continuing. Vintage style, crafty, handmade projects are on the rise but in a modern way. Supported by active digital activity this type of event can quickly gather a large and loyal fan base. For example a ‘great knit-off’ event, whereby hundreds gather to knit together, would be heavily supported by attendees posting updates to social media. Old and new mixing to create an even greater event.

6. I predict the increased use of technology to enhance activations. I can imagine the use of 3D printers becoming much more common. This type of technological advancement could really change the nature of engagement of marketing events.



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