5 trends in event displays

Spice caught up with William Qian from ADI Displays to find out what's new in event displays. Read on for some of Qian's trade secrets.
ADI Displays founder Willam Qian
ADI Displays founder Willam Qian

Spice caught up with William Qian from ADI Displays to find out what’s new in event displays. Read on for some of Qian’s trade secrets.

1. Colour your world
Bold graphics and rich colours that ‘pop’ are essential in attracting attention to your display. Anyone can produce a basic banner stand, but bringing your brand message to life using the latest dye sublimation digital printing technology will keep you one step ahead. You can print on a variety of fabric surfaces and colour match to ensure a high-quality finish that is guaranteed to impress and retain the integrity of your brand.

2. Leave shell scheming behind
Don’t let your brand get lost in old school shell scheming systems at your next trade show or exhibition. Recent innovations in the display solution industry have created sleek and stylish event stand solutions, using lightweight building materials and tension-held digital printed fabric to create a bespoke stand that works with your event space and key messages for maximum impact.

3. Step outside the box and go 3D
Be the master of quirky and 3D shapes – your displays don’t have to always be a square flat frame. The use of 3D displays, multiple shapes, sizes, curves and bends can add a dynamic feel to your exhibitions. By using lightweight display building materials and components, each with their own unique design and function, you can transform your standard message and display on freestanding double-sided walls, curved walls, cylindrical structures, towers, cubes, bridges, plinths, overhead banners, counters and more. And for the extra ‘wow’, add a backlight to illuminate your 3D display.

4. Bespoke fabric printing
There is so much more scope for impactful displays than your standard banners and stands. You can print your very own design on fabrics and materials for every indoor and outdoor need. Perfect for fabric signage, exhibition stands, retail displays, brand activations, promotional apparel, interior decorations and furnishings; from table and chair coverings to curtains, street banners and flags, bags or uniforms.

5. Reduce, reuse, recycle and renew
Portability and reusability are the key features event display solution. Your exhibition display should not only be easy to transport, but have the ability to be reused (and washed) again and again, no matter how big (or small) your space is. The days of build and burn are long gone; it’s now about sustainability that saves you money.

William is the founder and managing director of ADI Displays, with over 19 years industry experience William is an industry leader with a passion for cutting edge technology to drive forward Australia’s fabric signage and display solutions industry having personally engineered ADI Displays’ patented designs for BANNERADTM Q Series and TexFrameTM products.

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