MCEC is Melbourne’s home of the unconventional

Fresh ideas, creative inspiration and imagination come together for momentous experiences and out-of-the-ordinary events.

At Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC), things are done a little differently.

Located in the heart of the country’s culture capital, the Centre is never short of creative inspiration, because the city of Melbourne is its inspiration.

Reflecting the energy and culture of the city in its architecture and design, food and hospitality, and location and views, MCEC is where the fusion of fresh ideas, creativity and imagination are second nature.

For events of all shapes and sizes, from meetings, conferences and exhibitions to concerts and galas, whether in-person, virtual or hybrid, MCEC turns any event concept on its head to make each experience momentous, if not magic. And it does it with an unwavering commitment to sustainability too.

But what makes every moment at MCEC truly matter is human connection, and at the very core of the venue, it’s the talent and passion of its people that make the biggest impact. MCEC is home of the unconventional.

Meet MCEC’s Event Experts video series

Meet the experts, creators and innovators that make MCEC Melbourne’s home of the unconventional through its brand-new video series, ‘MCEC’s Event Experts.’

Created together with local Melbourne film production company, Monster and Bear, each video introduces you to a different MCEC team member, showcasing the driving force behind MCEC. From sustainability warriors to digital gurus and pastry masterchefs, go behind the scenes with MCEC’s industry-leading experts, discovering their unique skills and talents and the innovative work they do at the Centre.

Click the image to check out MCEC’s Event Experts video series.

The first episode introduces MCEC’s incredible sustainability manager, Samantha Ferrier, the driving force behind the Centre’s ambitious five-year sustainability strategy which was founded on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). It encompasses several ambitious, yet achievable targets and has created actionable solutions for generating substantial industry change over a relatively short timeline, garnering it praise from across the industry.

A truly sustainable event destination

Serious about sustainability, MCEC is always striving to find innovative solutions that provide better outcomes for its community, its customers and its environmental footprint, not only for its own organisation, but for the broader events industry too.

Since 2016, it has proudly held gold EarthCheck certification and a six-star green star rating from the Green Building Council Australia, making it a truly sustainable event destination and an industry leader in sustainability.

MCEC is deeply committed to sustainable solutions.

Leading the Centre’s five-year sustainability strategy, as well as MCEC’s other sustainability initiatives, is sustainability manager Samantha Ferrier, who says the strategy is about being aware of our scope of influence and driving social and environmental solutions to create meaningful long-term impact.

“As an industry, the events sector needs to be accountable for the impact it has on the world around us, and in order to make a meaningful shift across the sector, we must all commit to a shared vision of change. MCEC is providing that commitment through our ambitious targets and resourcing,” Ferrier says.

Samantha Ferrier and her team get to work.


Since joining MCEC in 2020, Samantha has spearheaded several successful waste reduction and recovery initiatives, including commitments to eliminate unnecessary and problematic single use plastics and divert 90 per cent of waste from landfill by 2025, as well as becoming completely powered by renewable energy by 2028.

“My role is about ensuring the sustainability of our business, our operations, but also working with our customers to help them make their events more sustainable. Creating a culture of sustainability is really important, and that culture’s really embraced here at MCEC.

“Our vision is to lead extraordinary environmental change and amplify our social impact, by forging partnerships and inspiring our people, to leave a positive legacy.”

Are you ready to discover the difference at MCEC? To learn more and start planning your next event at MCEC, go to the MCEC website.


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