Jomablue’s software solutions for event organisers

The hectic world of event management is usually a juggling act for organisers. Thankfully, Jomablue event management software makes it easy to keep all the balls in the air.

Jomablue is renowned for delivering best-in-class event check-in with its Smart Badge solution. Now, with the launch of its lightweight check-in app, Jomablue CX, event organisers, producers and field marketers can deliver amazing experiences with a simple, flexible and cost-effective software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

The event management software simplifies workflow and minimises errors to ensure a smooth experience for attendees, helping organisers manage and execute events effortlessly.

For all events, great or small

“Our product is robust, simple, intuitive and flexible so it can grow with organisations, whether they’re running 30-person workshops or large-scale events such as congresses or summits,” says Jomablue’s head of marketing, Alex Magowan.

From staff parties and charity galas to corporate events and trade shows, the platform suits every event type across all industries. It provides the tools needed to streamline workflows and deliver exceptional events.

Key features for event success

Pre-event registration and landing pages: With Jomablue, creating branded landing pages and handling paid or free registrations is a breeze. An intuitive interface with pre-built templates allows users to build customised emails and campaigns, saving time and enhancing attendee engagement.

“Even for smaller events, it’s about getting the right people in the door, whether it’s an internal audience or you’re trying to sell tickets,” says Magowan.

“On Jomablue’s all-in-one platform, you can build fully customised landing sites to promote your event effectively, and there’s no coding required.

“If your company doesn’t have the budget or a huge design team, you can build beautifully branded and customised landing pages and email templates in minutes.”

Check-in and badging: The Jomablue CX app eliminates common check-in issues, ensuring a flawless entry process. Badges are printed instantly and accurately, avoiding long queues and delays.

“One of the common pain-points we hear is how customers are sick of printers jamming or breaking onsite,” says Magowan. “It’s a time suck for event organisers who have a lot to juggle. We’re taking care of that problem with a solution that’s accessible and reliable.”

Lead capture for sponsors and exhibitors: Jomablue increases the value of events for sponsors and exhibitors with lead capture tools, efficiently gathering and managing leads to provide stakeholders with clear ROI. Additionally, Jomablue’s downloadable Capture App is designed to operate in remote areas with poor connectivity, giving your exhibitors and sponsors confidence to focus on what matters.

Optimise event performance: With real-time data and insights, organisers can send personalised thank-you messages and follow-up surveys, giving the event life long after closing-night canapes are eaten.

“It’s extending the content lifespan of your event and tailoring that follow-up for sales and marketing,” says Magowan.

Jomablue provides a comprehensive platform for managing every aspect of the event experience, reducing the need for multiple software subscriptions and simplifying data handling.

This all-in-one solution is designed to help build an audience, maximise ticket sales and enhance attendee engagement – all while saving time and money.

Don’t let outdated technology hold back your events. Join the many organisers who have discovered the benefits of Jomablue’s innovative event management solutions.

Visit Jomablue and take the first step towards transforming your events.


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