AI causing ethical concerns for events industry

Government intervention, trust and data security are some of the concerns raised by a new report.

The ethics of using artificial intelligence (AI) in event organising is a concern for 63 per cent of associations, according to a new white paper.

Authored by The Hague and Partners Convention Bureau in partnership with Ottawa Tourism, the report shows global association buyers are either very concerned or slightly concerned about the ethical implications of using AI in event organising.

The white paper, which launches next month, shows 65 per cent also think governments lack the required knowledge to be able to legislate AI for events effectively.

More than half (52 per cent) are in favour of an international standard to cover the usage of the technology in events and 20 per cent said AI providers are not very trustworthy.

In terms of trusting data providers with securing users’ IP, 33 per cent didn’t trust them while 27 per cent “mostly” do.

Head of The Hague and Partners Convention Bureau, Bas Schot, said AI is inevitable.

“Those individuals and organisations thinking it is something that will not impact them clearly don’t realise just how ingrained it is in our world already,” he said.

“It is all too easy to just think in terms of generative artificial intelligence, however AI is so much more and we need to harness the power of it in a way that is ethical and positive for everyone.”

While there may be some concerns in the events sector, the feedback is at odds with research from Amadeus which shows an increase in business travellers using AI in event planning and bookings.

Its annual Travel Trends research shows AI is being used to personalise consumer needs which allow it to become a virtual travel assistant by recommending hotels, flights, events and experiences.

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