Limelight Goes Futuristic At OPT

Limelight Events recently hosted over 500 guests in futuristic fashion at Sydney's Overseas Passenger Terminal for the Paramount Home Entertainment Q4 launch.

By Gwen O’Toole

Limelight Events hosted over 500 guests last week (July 29) in futuristic fashion at Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal with the Paramount Home Entertainment Q4 launch.

Limelight Events’ spectacular futuristic
event for Paramount Home Entertainment

The media event, produced by Limelight Events, saw an evening of excitement set in a futuristic world where sci-fi and action films such as Transformers 2, GI Joe, Watchmen and Star Trek. The event was bought to life as characters from the popular films entertained guest and showcased the titles to be released by paramount Home Entertainment in the fourth quarter of 2009.

A ‘dance interruption’ grabbed everyone’s attention and Hoop DJ’s and Pez kept the party going throughout the evening.

Fresh Catering looked after guests by keeping the canapés roving as well as setting up action cooking stations.

Entertainers, including transformers,
kept crowds engaged

Organisers said that the Customs Hall at Overseas Passenger Terminal was the perfect blank canvas to transform the venue into a futuristic setting and was large enough to hold the sizable number of guests as well as a very large-scale production element.

The location and outlook on to the harbour was simply an added bonus.

“All the elements contributed to an immersive guest experience with an amazing futuristic vibe,” said Limelight Events’ Janelle Anderson.

For more information on Limelight Events click here.

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