How to give great customer service

Spice caught up with customer service expert Amanda Stevens to find out how to deliver better customer service.


Spice caught up with customer service expert Amanda Stevens to find out how to deliver better customer service.

Sometimes we forget that we’re all in the business of customer service. Everyone has stakeholders, whether it be your boss, your clients or your suppliers.

Stevens said, “Most businesses are operating in an environment of increased competition. Clients have higher expectations so it’s more important than ever to differentiate yourself from your competition.”

Stevens concedes that an easy way to do this is with a thoughtful, customised approach that shows clients you a) have listened to them, b) intend to solve their problem, and offer a c) personalised approach specifically developed for them.

She said, “The biggest mistake people make is not asking enough questions. Have you completed a needs analysis with your clients? What problem are they hoping you will solve for them?”

In terms of professional conference organisers, Stevens said one key consideration is adding value to both the client and the delegates’ lives before and after the event, as well as during.

Stevens said, “How does the conference fit into their broader business objectives? And how can the conference organiser position themselves as a business partner, rather than a supplier?”

She also maintains that the difference between good and great organisers is the difference between being proactive and reactive and that regardless of the number of people who need to be reached out to, that there are customisable, scalable ways of doing so that show you know them.

“Everything starts with experience,” said Stevens. “You need to start with exceeding the customer’s expectations which, in turn, gives them something worthy of a conversation. That way they become advocates for your business; not just customers.”

Amanda Stevens will be speaking at the Ovations Sydney Showcase in the Ivy Ballroom at 7am on Tuesday March 3. To register, click here.


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