Exclusive: Lena Malouf ISES event sneak preview

Industry star Lena Malouf tips us off about what to expect at the upcoming Dazzle with Decor event.

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Industry star Lena Malouf tips us off about what to expect at the upcoming Dazzle with Décor event.

Professionals working in the special events industry cannot afford to miss Malouf’s upcoming talk on how to make your event shine. Below she shares some of her wisdom:

1. What is the one piece of advice you would give someone who is hoping to enter the events industry?
A good work ethic is what will get you ahead and on-the-job training is where the real learning begins. It’s not a 9 to 5 industry so be prepared to work crazy hours and remember that it’s not just about being creative; it’s about being a team player, having awareness and respect for partnering associates and making sure everyone works together to make sure the client is satisfied. There’s a perception that it’s a very glamorous industry but it’s serious business.

2. What are the three things every event stylist should have in their handbag/toolkit?
Chocolate bar, lipstick and staple gun. Failing that, chocolate bar, design plan and phone.

 3. What are the most important elements of a theme?
Firstly, don’t fight with the venue’s existing décor. If you can’t have a blank canvas using black draping or something similar, make sure the theme fits the venue, not the other way around.

4. Do you have any sneaky tips for saving money without losing impact?
Firstly, all events should have a budget and there should always be a projected profit for the event planner. The reason for this is that most events will cost more than you expect so it’s better to include some fat in the budget so you will at least break even.

There’s no good saving money if you devalue the event. Know where the creative dollars are best spent and know the options and alternatives that can be considered across design, catering and technical components.

You can definitely do without ego driven florists or event stylists. Everyone working on an event should be committed to delivering on the client objective.

5. Where do you see event styling heading? What are the big innovations that we should be paying attention to and incorporating?
According to a big trend coming out of the US, theming is coming back in a big way. Stay tuned for the event to hear more about which themes are going to be huge.

About the event
Greg Hancock from Sydney Props and Production will transform his studio into a magical experience introducing theming and props. There will also be site performers, aerial artists, new table ware and table tops from Pages and cost-conscious table tops styled by Malouf. Click here for more info.



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