Event Emporium’s Martian stunt

Event Emporium recently partnered with 20th Century Fox to deliver a public stunt activation to promote the Blu-ray and DVD release of The Martian.

The Martian Media Call

Event Emporium recently partnered with 20th Century Fox to deliver a public stunt activation promoting the Blu-ray and DVD release of Ridley Scott’s Golden Globe winning film, The Martian.

The creative event strategy involved reinventing the film’s plot – where botanist and astronaut Mark Watney is left behind on Mars after a fierce dust storm – with Australia’s very own Mars One Candidate Josh Richards who took part in a five-day public challenge in a simulated Martian base.

Using ingenuity, tenacity and skill, Josh lived within a purpose built habitat, or ‘HAB’, at the Overseas Passenger Terminal Forecourt at Circular Quay.

The Martian 2

Channel 7’s Sunrise were onsite to witness Richards, a physicist, explosives engineer, soldier and stand-up comedian, entering the solitary HAB. For the next five days the activation enabled the public were able see Josh in action through the glass windows of the HAB or via a live feed streamed on a custom-built microsite.

On each day, Josh undertook survival challenges, set by a team of experts and scientists. He experienced a dust storm during which the internals of the HAB were damaged and he needed to work out what needed fixing to ensure his safety, survival and communication with the outside world. On another day Josh woke to an alarm going off, indicating the HAB was experiencing low oxygen. He had to get into his spacesuit, check the gas sensor and perform an experiment creating oxygen from within the HAB.

During the water emergency challenge Josh discovered his clean water supply had run out and he needed to distil his spare container of water, destroyed by the dust storm. During Josh’s mission, Event Emporium managed a number of engaging, onsite events delivered with key partners for the public to enjoy.


Engaging the early morning crowds, Event Emporium partnered with NOVA’s Casanovas for ‘Breakfast with The Martian’, offering the public free bagels and copies of the DVD. Many participated in sessions with Josh and Free Fly Yoga or ‘Yoga with The Martian’. ‘Rock Out With The Martian’ allowed the public to send him song recommendations, which played over the outdoor speakers.

The public could link up with Josh via social media, engage in Facebook and Twitter conversations, watch his video diaries or simply tune into the live stream showing activity within the HAB from strategically placed GoPro cameras.

Josh survived in the HAB for the full five days. The successful mission and activation generated exposure across multiple media channels, saw over 20,000 people engage with the stunt activation online, and reached many more onsite at Circular Quay, exceeding targets for 20th Century Fox.

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