Computer Geeks and Models Celebrate Launch of Asus

The cargo hall at Sydney's Overseas Passenger Terminal was the scene last night for the ultimate ying and yang social event.

By Patrick Avenell

The cargo hall at Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal was the scene last night for the ultimate ying and yang social event.

Computer geeks and models mixed it up in Sydney last
night for the launch of a new range of computers.

The primary attraction of the night was a Calvin Klein Jeans fashion parade by Make Me a Supermodel hopefuls.

But the presence of a new range of Asus computer products ensured that Sydney’s fashionistas rubbed shoulders with the bespectacled technology hacks who attended to quiz foreign executives.

Guests who arrived on time were treated to an impressive view across the harbour and Opera House. However, this was largely self intuitive as the venue was not ready accept guests until well after the invitation’s listed starting time.

Eventually guests were able to seek shelter from the wind, with the admittedly beautiful setting hosting notebook computers for the boys to play with while the ladies had their make up touched up by professionals.

The runway show was preceded by a scripted ‘interview’ between an unidentified model and a Taiwanese computer executive, who tried to explain the provenance of a bamboo-themed laptop computer to a collection of reality show non-winners, gossip columnists and fashion designers.

Manners prevailed, thankfully, and pleasant applause was succeeded by an enthralling showcase of CK Jeans’ Winter 2009 collection, which was heavily slanted toward darker shades and long jackets.

The Make Me a Supermodel contestants all did their best to look uninterested, which, like arrogance on a footballer, is apparently a required trait.

Their good work was rewarded with a glass of champagne or wine, or standard beer poured straight from a stubby for those lacking taste buds.

Yet as is the case at many smoking-friendly venues, the crowd was soon sucked onto the harbour boardwalk to enjoy dusk’s decline in a Spring-set hazy shade of winter fashions.
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