AZBcreative brings MasterChef pop up to Sydney and Melbourne

The MasterChef Dining & Bar Pop Up Restaurant returns in 2013 for a second year to Sydney, with Shine 360 engaging AZBcreative to design the interior after the success of 2012.

The MasterChef Dining & Bar Pop Up Restaurant returns in 2013 for a second year to Sydney, with Shine 360 engaging AZBcreative to design the interior after the success of 2012.

Ticketing and management of the event is produced by Lateral Event Management.

Following great success of the first MasterChef Dining & Bar, Alex Zabotto-Bentley and his team of designers and stylists are now working to make this year’s execution even bigger and better than last year.

With two iconic locations -Sydney’s MasterChef Dining and Bar pop-up will move to First Fleet Park at Circular Quay, while Melbourne’s inaugural restaurant and bar will be on the rooftop of Crown Melbourne.

Lovers of the popular television show can expect to walk into a sophisticated pop-up restaurant which combines iconic elements from MasterChef into a design that feels permanent, premium, comfortable, exciting and alluring. The talented AZBcreative team has designed a structure which is in harmony with its surrounds and the environment, ensuring the impressive space translates effectively between the two very different locations in each city.

With a limited season of only three weeks in Sydney and three weeks in Melbourne, visitors can expect to find much more than the usual pop-up space design elements. Inspired by Victorian pavilions with large domed roof structures, the MasterChef Dining & Bar experience will have panels of clear light diffusing roof that will allow the external environment, buildings, views and the night sky into the experience of the diners, whilst also allowing the external public a glimpse inside.

MasterChef Dining & Bar will feature a huge centralised fully functioning kitchen complete with Italian tiling, beautiful upcycled raw Oregon counter tops, hand blown lighting and the AZB signature touches such as oversized geometric floor paneling and detailed styling.

A massive task, the full team of eight AZBcreative staff have been working on this concept since December last year and can expect to contract another 40 people to install and execute the intricate and bespoke design structure.

“This year will see more access for a wider audience of guests, with a larger dining space and a public bar which can cater for up to 150 guests,” said Alex Zabotto-Bentley.

“Following last year’s success, it was important for the AZBcreative team to raise the bar again this year with an even grander interior space to entertain more people particularly since we are located in such iconic spaces with huge visibility. We want to transport our guests to a MasterChef space, while giving them a collection of premium dining spaces where they can enjoy the high calibre of food on offer.”

With a primary focus of MasterChef being the kitchen, AZBcreative will give this year’s MasterChef diners a clear view into the place where all the action is, allowing them to view the action and drama amongst the chefs, while they enjoy the products of their culinary talents.

The MasterChef Dining & Bar pop-up restaurant is for limited time only and proudly presented by American Express, Alfa Romeo and Lipton.

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