The Bloody Big Drinks Summit is on now

Featuring more than 60 presentations from industry experts, the event is a ‘must-not-miss’ event for anyone working in the drinks industry.

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The Bloody Big Drinks Summit (BBDS) is here. The new online event features more than 60 presentations from industry experts around the world, and is a ‘must-not-miss’ event for anyone working in the drinks industry.

The summit features a mix of keynote presentations, interviews and panel discussions offering business advice, marketing tips and the latest information about making beer, wine and spirits.

Click Here For Tickets And Updated Program

As the BBDS is a virtual event there is no threat of this being cancelled or postponed, you can safely watch all the content on desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. The Summit’s content is ‘on demand’, so your all-access pass will allow you to view it whenever you want and revisit sessions again and again – for up to 12 months.

After the 18 months that the hospitality industry has endured with lockdowns and restrictions the hospitality-focused content is available free, in the Venues and Retail channel.

Tickets are currently available at a special launch rate of $197 for your 12 month pass, but this will increase on 8 November, so make sure you buy your ticket today!


See a preview of the Summit below:

Presenters include:

The program continues to evolve but here are some highlights:

Sessions on RETAILING include:

  • Retailer & Pricing Insights – Data Intelligence And Analytics Solutions For Liquor Retailers To Help Grow Margin And Profitability – Invigor
  • Post Pandemic Planning – John Carmody – Liquor Legends, Paul Esposito – ILG, Chris Baddock – ALM, Chris O’Brien – Liquor Barons
  • Shaping the Future of Liquor Retail – Tegan Clemow, Monique Strand, Sharni Wise-Fenton and Michael Waters
  • The Off Premise Liquor Industry’s Ongoing Love Affair with Promotions – Exceedra
  • The Rise of Retail Media – Missy Anderson, The Pistol

Sessions on BEER & BREWING include:

  • How Craft Brewers Can Improve Beer Quality By Managing Hop Creep And Hop Burn – Denis Martin, Denmark
  • How to Service the Gluten Free Community – Richard Jeffares, Two Bays Brewing
  • Brewery Automation – Neal Cameron, Brewtique
  • Independent Beer: It’s Everyday Life – Kylie Lethbridge, IBA
  • Beer Faults and How to Fix Them – Tina Panoutsos, Asahi/CUB
  • The Future of Brewing is Sustainable and Tastes Amazing! – Gary Tickle, Sustainable Beverage Technologies, USA

Sessions on SPIRITS & DISTILLING include:

  • Creating a global spirits brand while maintaining your sustainability – Tom Warner, Warner’s Gin
  • Democratising Scotch – Tim Philips-Johannson, Diageo
  • Gin Distillation for Geeks – Ben Leggett, Elemental Distillers, New Zealand
  • Unicorn Barrels and How We Hunt Them – Sebastian Reaburn, Top Shelf International
  • The Four Pillars Story – How To Go From An Idea To A Global Gin Powerhouse – Stuart Gregor, Four Pillars
  • Creating a Global Spirits Brand While Maintaining Your Sustainability – Tom Warner, Warner’s Distillery, UK

Sessions on WINE & WINEMAKING include:

  • The UK Wine Market: Opportunities And Challenges For Australasian Wines – Richard Siddle, The Buyer, UK
  • Low Intervention Wines – Tessa Brown, VS&B
  • Calabria Family Wines & McWilliam’s – Andrew Calabria
  • Australia and Champagne: Good Times, Hard Times And Everything In Between – John Noble, Champagne Bureau Australia
  • Plus sessions from Brown Family Wine Group, De Bortoli and Wine Australia


  • The importance of ABAC and how to make sure your advertising meets industry standards – Professor Michael Lavarch, Chief Panel Adjudicator, ABAC Scheme
  • The Rise Of Hard Seltzers And The Associated Impact On Other Liquor Categories – Laurie Wespes, Snooper
  • AR and Drinks Packaging – Dave Chaffey, Third Aurora
  • The Importance of On-Premise and Insights from the NZ Market – Adrian Wills, Trickle
  • Empowering Women in the Workplace – Women of Hospitality
  • Online Partner Retailers: Under-Utilised And Cost-Effective Marketing Channels To Improve Brand Discoverability – Oliver Maruda, The Whisky List
  • Door-To-Pour – The New Frontier In Packaging – Simon Back, Macher
  • A Consumer Perspective Of The Australian On Premise – Graeme Loudon, CGA Strategy
  • Building An Engaging Social Media Campaign – Claire Stevens from Crunchy Social
  • How Technology Is Impacting The Shopper, Shelf And Space – Stephen Wilson, Strikeforce

Sessions on VENUE OPERATIONS include:

  • How to innovate with music (the importance of intangible hospitality experiences) – Australian musician Georgia Mooney for OneMusic Australia
  • 20 Pillar Approach to Bar Consulting – Jason Williams, Proof & Company
  • The Future Of Hospo: How Will Technology Change And Improve The Industry? – Stevan Premutico, me&u
  • The Role of the Water Sommelier – Candice Jansen van Rensburg
  • Building A New Distillery, Bar And Gin Brand (During Lockdown) – Barrelhouse Group
  • Trends In The Pub Property Market – John Musca from JLL

And there’s so much more!


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