Top three USA sporting events for incentives

Spice caught up with James Cartmell to find out which sporting events are hot in the USA.
James Cartmell from Collette
James Cartmell from Collette

Spice caught up with James Cartmell, the Australian business development manager for Collette, to find out which sporting events are hot in the USA.

Cartmell said, “I was born in Philadelphia and have always loved travel, the outdoors and sports. Sport is a big part of American culture, and as the States’ is both Collette’s home turf and mine, we are well placed to offer some guidance on where to watch a game and experience America’s sport at its finest.

“A major sporting event is a fabulous activity to add on to any incentive or group travel itinerary. However, I recommend booking well in advance to ensure that you get the best deals on tickets for sporting events as many often book out,” he said.

1. Catch a classic Knicks game at Madison Square Garden

Although the best NBA experience is usually determined by the quality of the teams playing, Madison Square Garden in New York City is a venue that easily stands above the rest and provides a fantastic experience for any basketball enthusiast. Home of the New York Knicks, the Garden is the most famous indoor arena in the United States and holds a unique energy and aura that rivals many stadiums around the globe. Alternatively, you can plan to catch some of the NBA finals played there in June.

2. Get in early for the 2017 Super Bowl held in Houston, Texas on February 5, 2017

Enjoying an NFL football game live is an all-day experience. One of the best traditional American sporting experiences starts several hours before the game – the football tailgate. Arriving early to a game leaves time for joining in with the other home fans, drinking beer, grilling food, talking trash on the other team and getting pumped up for the game in the parking lot.

3. Take in the World Baseball Classic (USA), held in March 2017

Baseball is America’s favourite pastime and not to be missed by any visitor to the USA. Although games can last a while, it is a wonderful atmosphere where game-goers can kick back, relax, grab a famous ballpark hot dog and enjoy the experience.



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