What your child can teach you about events

Spice speaks to Selfish, Scared and Stupid co-author Kieran Flanagan about what your kids can teach you about running an events business.

Kieran Flanagan

Spice speaks to Selfish, Scared and Stupid co-author Kieran Flanagan about what kids can teach you about running events.

Flanagan said, “My six year old daughter Darcy has very definite ideas on what makes a great event and it is not that complex. Friends, food that makes you smile (plenty of sugar), something fun to do and a great lolly bag to take home. At just six years old she has pretty much determined the basics for a great event; food, people, engaging content and something great to take home with you (this year Darcy wanted a Pink Flamingo Disco at night. Yes, she is the only kindergarten child to have had a party after sunset).

“Next year she has chosen a cowgirl and cowboy party. She decided the day after her flamingo fiesta and cannot be swayed. Darcy’s event planning mantra is, ’Let’s make it fun, mummy’ and she is right.

“‘Make it enjoyable’ is such a basic truth for not only events but life in general. The more we can make it something people want to do, the more they will engage with us. The more fun they have, the more they will learn. It is simply human nature. We are drawn to the things we enjoy because human beings are wired for pleasure. Enjoyment, fun, laughter and happiness all release a heady concoction of endorphins and dopamine in us. Our own little completely legal narcotics, these feel good fellas engage our limbic system and have us wanting more and more of that feeling. We are helpless drug addicts on a mission to get more of the stuff that feels good. So we can’t help but want to make our lives more enjoyable. We can’t help but want funnier presenters, and amazing take home bags,” said Flanagan.

Kieran Flanagan is an internationally-renowned expert in human behaviour and creativity. She co-authored Selfish, Scared and Stupid, a book about performance, engagement and influence, with The Gruen Transfer panellist Dan Gregory.


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