ReviveR opens on NSW Central Coast

ReviveR, Gosford's new specialty cocktail bar has opened bringing a fresh concept, corporate cocktail space and a unique environment to the NSW Central Coast.

ReviveR, Gosford’s new specialty cocktail bar has opened bringing a fresh concept, corporate cocktail space and a unique environment to the NSW Central Coast.

The menu takes patrons back into history, with accounts of obscure classics, cult hits, and old favourites. Standouts include the Harvey Wallbanger, Blood and Sand, Mary Pickford, and the bar’s namesake cocktail, the Corpse ReviveR #2. Guests will also find a careful selection of wines, beers, ciders and hearty nibbles.

New to the NSW Central Coast, ReviveR has brought a sophisticated cocktail venue for corporate and social events to the region.

Owner Gordon Ryan was inspired to start ReviveR with his partner Amanda Rungis after years of travelling around the world for work, usually alone. On the road, he related to the notion of a third place, a term coined by sociologist Ray Oldenburg in his 1990 book The Great Good Place, to describe the ‘anchor’ of community life, a social surrounding separate from home (the first place) and work (the second place), where people can establish a sense of place.

“The third places I found for myself while on the road have been a huge driving force behind the ReviveR concept,” says Ryan. “I was so inspired to create and share a quality venue in Gosford where people could relax, connect, and feel like part of a community.”

The atmosphere is a mix of old and new furnishings.

The story of ReviveR is not complete without mention of legendary US bartender Murray Stenson (Best Bartender in America, 2010), from the owner’s favourite third place, Zig Zag Café in Seattle. Ryan was inspired by Stenson’s execution of sophisticated classics including The Last Word, a prohibition-era cocktail resurrected by none other than Stenson in 2004. Ryan brought the obscure cocktail home so his patrons could be among the few in Australia to enjoy it.


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