Neil Perry’s Rosetta is coming to Sydney

Chef Neil Perry is set to open his second Rosetta restaurant by Autumn this year.


Neil Perry is set to bring his hugely popular restaurant Rosetta to Sydney from Autumn this year.

Dropping the news via Instagram, Perry’s newest Italian restaurant and bar will feature an alfresco bar incorporating a “coastal and glamorous vibe”.

Interior designer Melissa Collison (pictured below), who is responsible for creating the likes of Sake Flinders Lane and Double Bay, Fratelli Fresh and The Alfred in Melbourne, has been tasked with creating the concept for the new restaurant.

Melissa C_1

Construction of the new premises has already commenced.

Rosetta will be located at Grosvenor Place, 225 George Street, Sydney.

One thought on “Neil Perry’s Rosetta is coming to Sydney

  1. “…Sydney from Autumn this year” … Autumn has been and gone! Next month is SPRING! The pony tailed tosser is so in love with the American custom of using seasons as indicators of events … he thinks he’s actually in the U.S … as that’s where it’s “Autumn” next month. Unless he actually IS in the U.S and simply has no idea of the consequences of the Earth’s tilt. LOL

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